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Sit down and relax in our catered guitar studios prepared purely for your guitar lessons.
Plug-in to either our Amplitube software or tube amps & effects pedals. we can take you through pretty much every guitar effect out there, help you understand guitar tones, effects loops, pedals & rack systems, for the bedroom, studio & the stage.
With our recording equipment, we can record and point out any areas of your playing that maybe you just can’t quite hear yourself.
Or just record for fun to a backing track & even have video!

We have all levels & ages of students taking guitar lessons in our studios from complete beginners wishing to strum some chords, to professional guitarists & tutors looking to add an extra something to their playing.
Whatever your age & ability we welcome you to try us for free.
Just send us a message on our contact page.
We will do our best to make our schedules sync with yours.

We hope you enjoy your first free guitar lesson!

Guitar Lesson Resources

Tabs, chord charts, music sheets, backing tracks, slowed down audio, bespoke transcriptions.
We provide you with everything in either sheet, USB, email or google drive format so that you can have your lesson materials wherever and whenever needed.

Guitar tab is a superb way to learn guitar and know what to play with which finger where, and we love to used it, you will certainly gain control of your technical abilities a lot sooner this way!

Chord charts, we can write down any chords you will need to learn there and then and you can take the charts away with you.

Staff notation for those desiring to read all music not just guitar related!

We have a large database of backing tracks, as well as using youtube when necessary or even making our own to help you to practice and play your favourite songs!

Using specialist software ‘Capo’ for slowing down, altering pitch and working out any songs we don’t know and cannot find accurate transcriptions for, we can slow down any song for you to take away and learn note for note!
In line with this, we can also transcribe any songs that you just cannot find anywhere or played accurately.

Sound Perfect!

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We pride ourselves in our knowledge and passion to inspire, advise, educate and help our students, friends and fellow professionals.
With this in mind, it is very important that we are aware of how important our opinion can be to students from choosing their first instrument, to pick type, strings and many other guitar related obstacles.

So we only ever recommend equipment, suppliers/retailers and software that we use personally.
We receive offers weekly from various companies giving us ‘free’ things to try and promote to our students, but regularly these offers have to be declined, due to our personal opinions.

Some of our partners are;

Speak to us in your lesson to find out more.

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Guitar Lessons Norwich - Phil Hilborne

Phil Hilborne

“The Norwich Guitar Academy have impressed me with their passion, knowledge and desire to do more for their students.

This particularly applies to their masterclasses and student showcases which offer a great way to get students communicating and experiencing what being a musician at all levels is really about.

I wish them every success”

Phil Hilborne,
Internationally renowned Guitarist and educator -‘Guitar Techniques Magazine’ 
Solo artist, Guitarist at ‘We Will Rock You’ and more.
Phil's Website »

Simon Hatson - Playing guitar to his children

Simon Hatson

“I’ve been a student of Norwich Guitar Academy for over 2 years. As a man is his 40’s I visited NGA as a last ditch attempt to be the guitarist I always wanted to be after many many years of struggling to progress on my own.

From my very first email exchange with them the thing that differentiated NGA from the other teachers I spoke to was the interest they took in my ambitions & interests. After 2 years plus this interest in me continues and means my lessons are focussed on where I want to be, while based on the fantastic knowledge and abilities of the tutors.

As a final testament to my view, when my 14 year old nephew first stated he wanted to learn the guitar I brought him to NGA, while he doesn’t live in Norfolk, and ultimately was always going to need a tutor closer to his home, I wanted my him to know what a guitar lesson should be like before trying to find him a teacher of his own.

My many & continuing thanks for everything.”

Simon Hatson

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