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We have chosen the best tutors in Norfolk & Norwich to ensure you play the way you want to play.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, we will take your abilities further.

Our guitar lessons are informative, fun and inspiring, when you begin lessons with the Norwich Guitar Academy, you not only learn with a professional, you make new friends and enrol in our community.

We welcome you.
Your first guitar lesson is free!
Just contact our office manager Raffie and she will hand your details over to one of our professionals.

Your first lesson will include an assessment of your current abilities, an informative discussion on the styles of music you are interested in, how much music theory you wish to learn and whether or not you are interested in learning to read music.

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    A chance for students to experience the live stage!

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"The Norwich Guitar Academy have impressed me with their passion, knowledge and desire to do more for their students. This particularly applies to their masterclasses and student showcases which offer a great way to get students communicating and experiencing what being a musician at all levels is really about. I wish them every success"

Phil Hilborne,
Internationally renowned Guitarist and educator -'Guitar Techniques Magazine' co-founder, Solo artist, Guitarist at 'We Will Rock You' and more. 02/05/2015

Fun Guitar Lessons In Norfolk at Norwich Guitar Academy

What makes us different at the Norwich Guitar Academy is our hunger and passion to educate.
All of our tutors have been rigorously tested and trained before becoming a member of our team.

We are extremely proud of our tutors and their incredibly high level abilities, surely if you want to get extremely good and have fast progress you need to learn from someone that knows what they are doing?

Perhaps you want to learn guitar to impress your friends in school/college/work or even down the pub?
Are the guitar lessons for your son/daughter or partner?
How great would it be at family events to be able to play everyone’s favourite songs and have a singalong?

We can help you with all this and more!

P.s. We not only teach children teens and adults privately, we also work in Schools, Colleges and Universities, as well as progressing on our books, blogs and online tuition.

Here’s more details on what we offer:

Guitar Lessons in Norfolk and Norwich, Norwich Guitar Academy - Guitar Pro Partner