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Because we’ve never met before, how can we possibly charge you for a lesson without knowing what you want and need to learn?
The Norwich Guitar Academy has one thing in mind, our students.
Our first lesson is about getting to know you and developing a progress plan to help you get the most out of every guitar, bass or ukulele lesson.
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What you get in your guitar lesson

As fun as your guitar lessons may be, there will always be a chance of you forgetting something that’s been covered in a lesson, but that’s okay. because at the Norwich Guitar Academy, we write down all that you need to learn for your next guitar lesson to take home with you and keep.
Whether it’s tablature, sheet music, chord charts, theory or the time to put into each section that’s been covered, you will have your sheets to reference back to. sounds good right? your guitar playing soon will! we also provide you with backing tracks for when you’re ready to piece together your favourite songs.
But potentially the most unique bonus to taking guitar lessons with the Norwich Guitar Academy is the video performance you can work towards, we have the cameras, recording equipment, backdrops and lighting to film a professional video of all your hard work to keep forever!
We also run showcases every so often, which will give you the chance to meet a few of our other students and play live!
So what are you waiting for? pick the best.

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