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Bass Guitar Lessons in Norwich
Bass Guitar Lessons in Norwich

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Bass lessons at NGA

Bassists young & old attend the Norwich Guitar Academy for their bass tuition.
Whether you want to improve your rhythm and timing skills, struggle reading the bass clef or to polish your slap and speed technique.
Our dedicated bass tutors will help you to attain the level you have always dreamt of.

The bass guitar is very often wrongly perceived as an ‘easier’ guitar with the standard bass containing only four strings and tuned the same as a guitar, many guitarists have sadly done the bass much injustice by playing it just as you would with a guitar!
But, there are some real fundamentals to understand the bass that really change what it’s all about.

That ‘groove’ ‘rhythm’, ‘locking in with the drums is something that guitarists just cannot understand or perform the same way a true bassist does, and that’s why we bring bass lessons to the Norwich Guitar Academy.
We have only bass specialists teaching the bass guitar and our head of bass Lukas Chyla will take you through the ‘bass’ics (I’m sorry, I had to do it!) all the way to pro levels and everything else you so desire in the realm of the bass guitar.

There’s no other place to learn the Bass in Norwich, then the Norwich Guitar Academy.

Bass Tutor: Lukasz Chyla

Bass Tuition Testimonials

“I have been a student of Lukasz’ for around 11 months. I have been playing bass for about 20 years prior to my first lesson with him. My playing has transformed, not just my technique but also my sound. Lukasz’ attention to every detail, from the shape of hands to the sound of my pickups has made me rethink my approach to playing. He adapts his lesson plans to my way of learning, making each lesson different and easy. I would highly recommend Lukasz to anyone who wants to become a great bass player.”

Richard Bell

“Lukasz is an inspiring, experienced, knowledgeable, patient and compassionate teacher. My weekly bass class with him is a highlight of my week and it makes me want to practice playing bass all the time. Classes are fun, interesting, inspiring and I feel that my progress is very fast under expert guidance from a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher.”

Agata Makiela

Moved to playing bass for your band?

It’s not uncommon for guitarists who can’t get into bands to move over to bass to improve their chances of playing live.
Unfortunately, as great as it may initially feel to be a part of being in a band and making a great sound together, you deep down know you’re blagging it or faking it, and not quite sure what you can do to improve the music from the bass end.

Quite often, these types of bassists will play just the root notes and maybe the fifths and get away with it, but why ‘get away’ with it when you could be nailing it and making the music your band writes or plays even better?
Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Well, you too can become the bassist that really steals the show with improvising or mastering your arpeggios and affectively using the modes to create your own distinct sound in the band whilst still grooving (probably more than ever!)

Contact us today to get this monkey out of the closet and start your true bass playing journey.
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