Guitar Setup

Maintenance, Service & Repair

A setup is actually a collection of procedures, many of which are simply basic maintenance and fine adjustment.

A setup should be performed to address the changes a guitar undergoes over time, with adjustments made to the instrument in order to match your preference of strings, pickups and playing habits.

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Why Book a Guitar Setup?

If you are finding yourself struggling to fret chords, individual notes or pressing so hard that your fingers are hurting or the opposite, hearing excess buzzing it may be a technical problem with your guitar.

The string heights on the guitar, known as the “action” may be too high, if so, you will be applying excess pressure to compensate for the distance between the string and fret.

Or if you are hearing excess “buzzing” when you try to play chords or single notes, one of the reasons could be because the strings are set too low (low action) or you may have a neck adjustment issue.

Bridge, Action & Intonation

The guitar bridge can play a big role in your guitar sounding and feeling right.

The action (distance between strings & fretboard) can be adjusted by simply tightening or loosening the allen screws on the bridge, but these do need to measured to ensure accurate and correct setting.

Adjusting the action not only helps relieve the dreaded buzz of a guitar string, but can also make playing the guitar a whole lot easier.

The intonation, is also adjusted at the bridge of your guitar.

Intonation in its basic sense is checking the distance between two contact points for each string, if a guitar’s intonation is not set correctly, it will play out of tune as you move up the fretboard and chords will sound quite bad.

Guitar setup, action, intonation, bridge

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