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Electric Guitar Tuition

The electric guitar, play an instrument amongst the greats.
The versatility of screaming solos and chunky riffs to clean and jangly chords and blues tones; then add all the different effects; Delays, Chorus, Wah, Whammy etc..

Why wouldn’t you want to learn the electric guitar?

We can teach you the basics of barre chords and simple soloing techniques to the advanced, sweep picking, tapping, speed training as well as the most important aspects, such as, timing, ear training and music theory.

Our guitar tuition teaches it all!

From children to the retired, beginners to music degree grads, age or ability is not a concern.

But do have a read of the purpose written children’s guitar lessons page.

What We Provide

Firstly, there is no need to bring anything apart from your guitar!

We supply amps, cables, effects, sheets, backing tracks and any other learning materials necessary.

Do you wish to upgrade any of your guitar equipment?

With exclusive Norwich Guitar Academy’s discounts, you can. We work with local guitar stores as well as software makers to provide exclusive discounts to all of our students.

Of course, we can also provide our educated impartial experienced expertise to help you get the sounds you want.

Finally, we can even record your own guitar performance to show off to your friends and family.
Or you can invite your family and friends see you play live at one of our NGA showcases.

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Student - Asa Hoolhouse

Student - Daniel Browne


What is the point in music without self expression?

After all, when you learn a solo, melody or chord progression you are evoking emotion to that piece of music.

As guitarists, it can be very rewarding and fun to improvise your own solos and come up with your own chord progressions. So in the long run you can write your own music, or at least come up with some musical ideas with friends.

Improvising also helps a lot with ear training, learning to take what you hear onto the electric guitar.

Understanding The Fretboard

Fretboard knowledge comes with time, structure and a little discipline.

Electric guitar tuition Norwich - fretboardHaving one of our tutors guide and mentor you through the process will not only speed up your learning, but also ensure that what you are learning matters.

Taking the time to memorise your notes, intervals, scales and chord formulas will help you to play any chord, scale, melody or phrase anywhere and everywhere over the fretboard and in different keys.

This is great for songwriting, working out songs you wish to learn and developing soloing ideas. Without this information you are only stunting your guitar abilities.

All of our tutors are happy to take students through this information, but only if the learner desires to. Some students goals simply do not include this as an accomplishment, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Electric Guitar Grades

Finally, lets not forget the various grading syllabus available to you as an electric guitarist.
Your guitar tuition at the Norwich Guitar Academy also gives you the option to enter examinations with RGT & Rockschool.