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Keeping Guitar Lessons for Kids Fun!

Keeping children interested in any activity can be a task, but this is particularly true when it has the terms “learning” or “education” involved. We believe it’s very important to allow our young students to actually play the guitar.

The “cool” rockstar image the guitar portrays is the big appeal to kids of all ages (even grandad), so instead of making their first lessons about music theory & routine “practice”. We at the Norwich Guitar Academy enjoying harnessing the excitement of learning the guitar by teaching the children songs/riffs that they will recognise from the beginning, therefore taking the excitement of playing guitar home with them.

In regards to the mental, physical & social benefits of learning an instrument, the guitar, bass & ukulele all provide the same intellectual stimuli.

So not only will your young rockstars be “cool”, making new friends & learning a new skill, but you will also start to see improvements in logical core school subjects such as, Maths, Science & English, as well as developing better reasoning, listening & coordination skills (particularly multitasking).

Many law courses highly regard & even desire musical skills upon application, doing graded examinations can help significantly in any university application, awarding up to 220 extra UCAS points.

Research On Music Lessons

Studies have shown that the benefits of children taking music lessons can be:

  • improve academic skills.
  • develops physical skills.
  • cultivates social skills.
  • refines discipline and patience.
  • boosts self-esteem.
  • introduces children to other cultures.


Improve listening skills


Faster Understanding


Make new friends and socialise more.


Music theory isn’t dissimilar to mathematical application


Improves short term & long term memory


Overall cognition is improved by the multiple senses used when learning music.

Grading Syllabus